Edward Britton, by Gary Crew and Philip Neilsen

Most Australians know something of the history of Port Arthur, the notorious convict prison in Tasmania. Not many are aware, however, of the boys’ prison across the bay from Port Arthur. Point Puer was built as a special prison for boys as young as ten who were brought to Australia to be reformed.

Edward Britton tells the story of two teenage residents – Edward Britton and Izod Wolfe. Although the pair are fictional characters, the book tells the very real story of Point Puer.

Authors Gary Crew and Philip Neilsen combine to offer insights into the two boys and the way their stories become one.

This is a haunting story which draws the reader in, fascinating in its presentation both of the boys’ story and of this absorbing part of Australian history.


Edward Britton, by Gary Crew and Philip Neilsen
Lothian, 2000