Seriously Alex, by Jill McDougall

Alex isn’t impressed when he’s invited to stay with his cousin Erin for a week. Not only is Erin better at everything than Alex, she also happens to live on a crocodile farm. A whole week surrounded by crocodiles is not Alex’s idea of fun.

Still, when one of the crocodiles is stolen, Alex and Erin are soon on the trail, working together to get it back.

Seriously Snappy is a funny tale that kids ages 7 to 12 will love. What they’ll love even more is that when they’re finished it they can turn the book over for another story – Seriously Creepy – in which Alex and Erin go camping at a campsite visited by a cave monster.

Seriously Alex is a Banana Split title from innovative young publisher Banana Books. Jill McDougall’s humorous stories are well complemented by the illustrations of Deborah Baldassi.

A fun read.

Seriously Alex, by Jill McDougall
Banana Books, 2003