Disordered Minds, by Minette Walters

When Howard Stamp, a disabled twenty year-old is found guilty of murdering his grandmother, no one is surprised and no one comes to his defence. Thirty years on, however, anthrooplogist and author Jonathan Hughes is keen to find out what really happened. He has found great discrepancies in the evidence and believes Stamp was wrongly convicted.

Working with an unlikely associate – a local councillor who has stumbled across Stamp’s case through conversations with a neighbour – Hughes works to clear Stamp’s name and bring the real murderer to justice.

Hughes faces numerous obstacles. But it is not the passage of time or the obstructiveness of some of the key players which proves most difficult. Rather, it is Hughes’ own past. Before he even begins his investigation he must fight the demons which threaten to overwhelm him.

Disordered Minds is an intriguing tale which makes novel use of form – with traditional narrative interspersed with emails, police reports and other documents. Walters has a reputation as an outstanding crime writer, and this title won’t disappoint.

Disordered Minds, by Minette Walters
Allen & Unwin, 2003