Ghost Flames, by Neville Barnard

Twelve year old Daniel loves puzzles, but when he meets the ghost of Colleen O’Flarity he is confronted by more puzzles than he can solve. Why can he see and hear her when no one else can? What is that she is scared of? And what is so important that a second ghost goes on searching for it night after night?

Meanwhile, Daniel has problems of his own to confront. The other kids at school call him nobody because he keeps to himself all the time, and his new teacher thinks he’s a trouble maker. Now he’s somehow signed up to present a magic act at the school concert, despite not knowing magic and hating the thought of drawing attention to himself.

Could it be that helping Colleen solve her problems will help Daniel solve his own?

Ghost Flames is an excellent read for 10 to 12 year old readers, with a balance of mystery, self-discovery and action. Sure to appeal to young mystery and ghost-story enthusiasts, it will also appeal to those who like riddles and puzzles – including teachers.

Ghost Flames, by Neville Barnard
Koala Books, 2004