Modern Classics Book 2, by Donna Hay

If you have a sweet tooth, or love to impress your friends and family with delectable treats, then you will adore this volume.Following on from the delights of Modern Classics 1, Donna Hay shares the secrets to making perfect biscuits, slices, cakes and desserts.

As with the first book, Hay presents old favourites, such as sponge cakes and gingerbread men, along with delightful modern offerings such as her Summer Pudding. As she says in her introduction, these are the sweet treats that everyone wants to know how to make. With her straightforward instructions and accessible ingredient lists, Hay ensures anyone CAN make these delights.

Modern Classics 2, with its focus on deserts and sweet snacks is an excellent stand-alone volume. It is also, however, an excellent complement to the first volume.


Modern Classics Book 2, by Donna Hay
Harper Collins, 2003