Releasing the Imbecile Within, by Paul Livingston

Releasing the Imbecile Within is is not just another self-help book. Author Paul Livingston has concluded, from years of observation, that most of our community leaders, opionion makers, celebrities and entrepeneurs lack vision and are, in fact, moronites. As a result, more and more intelligent, over-educated, critically minded individuals find themselves unemployed or, at the very least, undervalued. Livingston aims to help these people by guiding them towards greater levels of idiocy.

Livingston, better known to many as Flacco (a character he has played for over 12 years), takes his reader on a personal journey into ignorance in fifteen easy steps. With highly non-intellectual quotes from such geniuses as George Gobel, who claims “If it weren’t for electricity we’d all be watching television by candlelight” and plenty of ‘real life’ scenarios of imbeciles in action, this is an excellent guide to anyone who wants to release their inner imbecile.

The essential, stupid guide to surviving the 21st century.

Releasing the Imbecile Within: An Incomplete Idiot’s Guide, by Paul Livingston
Allen & Unwin, 2003