Shadowgate (Deltora Quest 3), by Emily Rodda

The popular Deltora Quest series continues with this, the second book of the third series.

Lief, Barda and Jasmine have reunited and have already managed to defeat the sister of the east, one of four evil creations left by the Shadow Lord to poison the land. Now the trio must seek and defeat the second Sister – the Sister of the North, hidden in the mountains which border the Shadowlands.

Together the three cross Deltora, helped by friends both old and new, and by the sleeping dragons they awaken. But along the way Lief and his friends have to face some of their biggest challenges.

The Deltora Quest series has attracted a strong following among young fantasy fans. It is an excellent introduction to the genre, with plenty of action and easy to follow plots which stand alone as well as developing the ongoing story.


Shadowgate: Deltora Quest 3, by Emily Rodda

Scholastic, 2004