Spinning Around, by Catherine Jinks

Not so long ago, but almost in another lifetime, Helen had everything a girl could want: a great job, a good figure, a cutting edge haircut and a gorgeous boyfriend. Now, though, Helen seems to be losing control. She has two kids, a renovation that seems to be a never-ending story and a part time job which seems easier than anything she has to deal with at home. That gorgeous boyfirend has become an impractical and annoyingly impulsive husband.

Then, in one terrible week, Helen faces losing it all. Matt (her husband) has been seen in company with a girl with purple hair and suddenly Helen is caught up in a string of lecherous private detectives, clandestine drawer-checking, and outright spying. Whatever problems married life may present, she doesn’t want to give it up without a fight.

Author Catherine Jinks continues to surprise with her versatility. Her last novel, The Gentleman’s Garden was historical literary fiction. Spinning Around is a contrast, but doesn’t disappoint in maintaining Jinks’ high standards.

Funny and warm.

Spinning Around, by Catherine Jinks
Allen and Unwin, 2004