Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake, compiled by Pamela Lofts

One of a series of eight Aboriginal stories compiled by Pamela Lofts, Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake tells the story of the rainbow Snake and of the Warlpiri people, who were forced off their land. They settled the Lajamanu community.

Although they were in unfamiliar territory and forced to adapt to a new lifestyle, the people’s culture and traditions helped them to adapt and stay strong.

This story, told and illustrated by the children of Lajamanu, is an example of the strong storyelling tradition of the Aboriginal people. It will appeal to, and educate, children of all cultures.

An excellent classroom resource.

Warnayarra the Rainbow snake, Told by the Senior Boys Class, Lajamanu School, Compiled by Pamela Lofts
Scholastic Press, 2004