Aussie Pony Tales 4, by Sheryn Dee

The Aussie Pony Tales series are aimed at young horse lovers making a transition to first novels from more highly illustrated picture books and readers. Each title has two stories about the adventures of seven-year-old Jessie and her pony Magic.

This is the fourth title in the series, written by author Sherryn Dee. In the first story, Magic Goes to School, young Jessie almost misses school when the car has a flat tyre and the spare is off getting fixed. But Jessie convinces Mum to let her ride Magic to school and Magic provides a welcome distraction for the other students.

In the second story Jessie and Magic become heroes, when Mum needs help urgently. Mum’s baby is coming, and when Jessie and Magic can’t find Dad anywhere, they ride to town to find a doctor instead.

With plenty of horse action and simply told stories, these tales are a great blend of interest and accessibility for young readers. They are especially likely to appeal to 6 to 8 year old girls.

Aussie Pony Tales 4: Magic Goes to School/The New Moon, by Sheryn Dee
ABC Books, 2004