Dizzy and Me, by Angela Moore

10-year-old Midge Gardner loves Flounder Flats Caravan Park. It is the scene of the Gardner family’s annual summer holiday. Midge loves the other regulars who share the park and, especially, their dogs.

This year is extra-special, because this year Midge and her friend Alps are organising the Flounder Flats Dog Show and Fair. All the caravan park tenants are busily preparing for this big event – grooming their dogs, cooking toffees, and donating prizes.

But Midge isn’t prepared for the things that can go wrong on the day of a big event. Kaycee Elwood is hysterical when her dog Pom Pom first has her mouth stuck closed by a toffee, then is mysteriously kidnapped. Can Midge and the other kids (and dogs) rescue Pom Pom, or is it already too late? Perhaps while they’re working on that mystery they can solve the other mystery of Flounder Flat – the Flounder Flats Ghostfish.

Dizzy and Me is a fun blend of mystery, adventure and silliness, sure to appeal to eight to twelve year old readers. Author Angela Moore will be familiar to many young readers as Angela from Playschool, and her style certainly reflects some of the zaniness evidenced on-screen.

Good fun.

Dizzy and Me, by Angela Moore
ABC Books, 2004