Far Horizon, by Tony Park

Ex-Australian Army Officer Mike Williams has a dream job as a travel guide in Africa. But when he hears that Captain Theron of the South African police wants to speak to him urgently, he knows instantly what it’s about.

Twelve months ago, Mike’s world was destroyed by a chance encounter with illegal hunters which left his girlfriend murdered and his head filled with unshakeable nightmares. Now he must revisit those memories and work alongside the police to catch the hunters.

With a busload of tourists to look after, Mike must choose between his need for revenge and his duty towards their safety. But, as the hunters and the travellers continue ther parallel journey across the continent, the choice may no longer be Mike’s to make.

Far Horizon is a gripping adventure set against the mysterious and beautiful African landscape. With the hard-hitting revenge plot unfolding entwined with a backpacker’s tour, it is likely to appeal to those who have enjoyed such travel, as well as all who enjoy gripping action.

Far Horizon, by Tony Parks
Macmillan, 2004