Clio Cleaner Cleans Up, by Adrienne Frater

Clio Cleaner loves cleaning. So when she starts work cleaning Tessa Teacher’s house, she is delighted to find it very messy. She cleans and polishes all morning. But the next time she comes to clean Tessa’s house, there is no mess, and she doesn’t have enough to do. Then a messy mouse gives her an idea which will give her plenty of cleaning to do – she invites Tessa Teacher to bring her class for morning tea.

Clio Cleaner Cleans Up is one of four titles in the new Buzz Town series from Ibis Publishing. The books are small format paperbacks – just slightly smaller than those in the popular Cocky’s Circle books sold in supermarkets – and the illustrations of Russell Tate have a retro feel which parents might liken to the comics and television programs of their childhood.

Ibis have focussed on providing learning opportunities, with activity suggestions for parents inside the front cover and more support material on the Ibis website.

Clio Cleaner Cleans Up, by Adrienne Frater, illustrated by Russell Tate
Ibis Publishing, 2004
RRP $6.95 (AU)