Just You Wait, by Megan de Kantzow

On the first day of school Prince Roderick pulls the ribbon from Eleanor True’s long hair and tells her she has to do what he says. On the second day he throws her precious ball into the forest of thorns. Each day after that he has some new torture – throwing her tiara into the mud, locking her in the Dark Tower and more. As the list of insults and taunts grows, Eleanor True can do nothing but glare at the Prince and warn “Just you wait!” On the sixth day of school, however, things change. Prince Roderick chases Eleanor through the castle and finally lassoes her. But this time, Eleanor has a chance to put her threats into action. She kisses the unsuspecting Prince and he turns into a frog!

Just You Wait is a comical picture book which will appeal to children of all ages – from toddlers through to upper primary. Younger kids will love ths story and the surprise, humorous ending, while older children will love the cartoon-like illustrations of the talented Craig Smith and will have fun identifying the elements of familiar fairy tales, both in the text and the illustrations.

This is a hilarious read, great for home, but also wonderful for the classroom.

Just You Wait! by Megan de Kantzow and Craig Smith
Omnibus, 2004