The Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal, by Lynne Kelly

Can a human being really burst spontaneously into flames?
Just how deadly is the Bermuda Triangle?
And what is the real story behind all those alien abductions?

For all those who have ever wanted to get to the bottom of mysteries such as these, and for those who have refused to believe but haven’t had the means to disprove the myths, The Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal is a boon. Through case studies and detailed explanation, Lynne Kelly explores the scientfic explanations for more than twenty areas of common paranormal belief.

Ms Kelly does not scoff or ridicule genuine believers – rather she explores in matter of fact language what is commonly believed, the various theories that have been put forward to explain the phenomenon and, finally, the scientific explanation. What is obvious in every chapter is that Ms Kelly has not jumped to any conclusions, but has instead kept an open mind and approached the issues scientifically. From firewalking, to spoon bending, ghostly apparitions and Yetis, she explores all the avaiable evidence in detail.

This is enlightening reading, but it is also very entertaining. Readers will be fascinated by the various beliefs, the evidence and case studies, as well as by the explanations of the various phemonena.

Lynne Kelly is a science writer and teacher. She was a founding member of The Australian skeptics.

An outstanding read.

The Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal, by Lynne Kelly
Allen & Unwin, 2004