Waldo Waiter Makes a Mess, by Trevor Wilson

Everyone loves the food at Lotti’s restaurant. But when Lotti’s nephew Waldo starts work as a waiter, business starts to go downhill. Waldo is so clumsy that people won’t risk coming to eat there any more. They would rather eat somewhere where they won’t end up with dinner in their laps.

Waldo is sad and plays some music to cheer himself up. When he realises that he isn’t clumsy when he is dancing, he finds the solution. Soon, people are flocking to Lotti’s restaurant to see Waldo, the dancing waiter.

Waldo Waiter Makes a Mess is one of the titles in Ibis Publishing’s new Buzz Town series. These small format books have retro style illustrations by Russell Tate and are supported by parent tips inside the front cover and activities available online.


Waldo Waiter Makes a Mess, by Trevor Wilson, illustrated by Russell Tate
Ibis Publishing, 2004