Children's Audiobook Review: Carkids Junior – The Little Red Gnome Goes Fishing

When the Little Red Gnome goes fishing, he wants to catch a fish to take home for his friend Matilda. First he catches a shoe, then he catches a pot. When he finally does catch a fish it talks to him! What will he take home to his firend Matilda?

The Little Red Gnome is one of two stories on this cd recording aimed at children aged 3 to 6 and designed for listening in the car or (as narrator Tim Levy points out) on a plane, train or bus. The second story Extra-Super-Big Pancake tells the tale of three magical sisters who set about making a pancake big enough to feed all three of them. There are also two songs – Mousie, Mousie and Little Pony – and a great game for playing in the car, Gingerbread.

Carkids Junior is the creative work of Tim Levy who is both the chief voice talent and the writer of the content. He is joined by Diane Tatum and her unnamed ‘gang’.

There is plenty on the CD to keep youngsters listening, although children at the younger end of the age range may have a little trouble following the stories. They will, however, still enjoy the funny voices and the music. As well as being good for travelling, this offering would have classroom appeal.


Carkids Junior: the Little Red Gnome Goes Fishing, written & narrated by Tim Levy and Diane Tatum
ABC Audio 2004