The Girl in the Cave, by Anthony Eaton

Kate doesn’t have a bedroom like an ordinary child. Instead, she sleeps in a cave in the backyard of her Aunt and Uncle’s house. During the day she is allowed out of the cave and into the house, so that she can cook and clean and look after her aunt and uncle. Poor Kate. Life isn’t much fun.

But one day the telephone rings. A strange woman called Miss Pincushion wants to come and visit. Kate has never seen her aunt and uncle look so alarmed. Suddenly she is banished from the house and her aunt and uncle start a mad search through every room.

Kate has no idea what is going on, but she has every intention of finding out. What she learns could well change her life – for the better.

The Girl in the Cave is a fast-paced, comic tale of greed, stolen babies, lost fortunes and butterflies. The twists and turns are zany and unbelievable – which is just what kids like.

Anthony Eaton’s wicked sense of humour makes for a read that will appeal to a wide range of young readers.

The Girl in The Cave, by Anthony Eaton
UQP, 2004