The Roman Army, by Dyan Blacklock & David Kennett

The Roman Empire was one of the largest and most successful empires of all time…Such a broad and diverse empire was difficult to control. This complex and dangerous work was the job of one of the most fearsome forces the world has ever seen – the Roman Army.

This quality offering provides an in depth profile of that army – from its membership structure to its equipment, modes of transport, camp lay out and much much more. The information is presented in easy to understand text, without being over simplistic or condescending to young readers.

David Kennett’s detailed illustrations are outstanding, with a comic-book style layout which provides multiple cells on most pages allowing for close-ups and more detailed explorations of points of interest. Two double paged spreads, one a map showing the breadth of the Roman Empire, the second a detailed battle scene, contain no explanatory text, allowing for maximum impact. Even the end papers are utilised as visually explanatory tools, with multiple illustrations of the various warrior enemies of Rome.

This is the second non-fiction offering from the team of Dyan Blacklock and Kennett. Their first, Olympia:Warrior Athletes of Ancient Greece was the winner of the Eve Powell Award for Information Books in the CBCA book of the Year Awards. With such quality productions coming from the pairing, it is hoped it will continue.

The Roman Army, by Dyan Blacklock and David Kennett
Omnibus, 2004