Alex Jackson Dropping In, by Pat Flynn

Alex decided to milk the occasion for everything it was worth. How many times in life do you get to play the hero? He could have kicked it straight into the back of the net, but he thought he’d do a bit of dribbling practice – with one hand in the air, waving to the crowd. Alex ran casually toward the goal and was just about to toe poke it in when he heard an urgent call from Jimmy: “Man on!”

Alex Jackson has problems. First, he misses the goal that would have won the soccer final. Then he loses his first boxing fight. If that’s not enough, he’s being pursued by Sarah Sceney, the class nerd, who has had a crush on him since grade 3. But Alex’s biggest problem is his worry that he’s being put in a box. He’s been labelled as a nice bloke who plays soccer and boxes. No one expects much more of him than that, and it bugs him.

As he bumbles his way through these highs and lows, Alex starts to find some of the things that might help him to make sense of his life.

Alex Jackson: Dropping In is a combination of humour, soul-searching and action. The fourth book about this likeable hero by author Pat Flynn, what is different is that this one is set before the other three – when Alex is still in primary. It acts both as a prequel, introducing Alex and his mates, and as a stand-alone read for perhaps a slightly younger audience.

A great read for ages 10 and up.

Alex Jackson: Dropping In, by Pat Flynn
UQP, 2004