Code Name Unwanted, by Jacqueline Harvey

Penelope Scott (she prefers her friends to call her Snot) is happy. Her secret operation to find a new man for her mother has been so successful that they are getting married. The wedding goes off without a hitch – unless you can count a dog that is covered in cow poo, but when the wedding is over there are some surprises in store for Snot.

Some parts of the new marriage are perfect. Her new step father, Frank, is a builder, and he’s building them an unreal new home. It’s also great to see her mum so happy. But what Snot hasn’t predicted are some of the surprises Mum and Frank are about to spring on her. Could it be that she is unwanted?

Code Name Unwanted is a funny yet moving story of blended families, friendship and growing up. It is a sequel to author Jacqueline Harvey’s earlier title Code Name Mr Right, but can be comfo rtably read as a stand-alone title.

Suitable for readers aged 10 to 14, Code Name Unwanted is full of laughs. Kids will love it.

Code Name Unwanted, by Jacqueline Harvey
Lothian, 2004