Lost in the Last Frontier, by Tracey L. R. Hawkins

Sam stirred slightly; he rubbed his nose. Something was snarling and breathing on him. He half opened his eyes and glimpsed a big dark animal with enormous white teeth. He yelled, his arms flailing wildly as the animal leapt in through the window. It landed heavily upon him, pushing all the air from his lungs.

Sam is excited about the family trip to Alaska. The brochures call it “the last frontier” and he likes the sound of that – he is eager for some adventure. He wants some cool stories to be able to tell his friends back at school. But on the very first day of his holiday Sam gets more adventure than he bargained for, when he and his family meet a bear in the forest.

Following his Dad’s orders Sam flees with his sister Emma. Soon though, they face a new peril. They are lost and alone in the forest, with no idea how to get back to the lodge where they are staying. Sam decides that some adventures are a bit too exciting.

Lost in the Last Frontier is a green level title in the Breakers series from Macmillan Education. The unusual setting and fast-paced action will appeal to readers in upper primary, with the book’s graded reading level being 10.5 years.

The Breakers series presents a range of story types from a range of authors. They are suitable for classroom reading and for private enjoyment.

Lost in the Last frontier, by Tracey L.R. Hawkins
Macmillan Education, 2004