Summer's Story, by Wendy Graham

Summer could still hardly believe it. Me! she thought. All those skinny, suntanned girls who hang out at the lifesaving club, and Dylan wants to meet me there!
But what to wear? She pinched a fold of fat above her waist…

At fourteen, Summer has big plans. She’s going to be a famous writer and she’s starting an all-girl rock group with her best friend, Amy. When she meets Dylan, she falls in love, and life is great. Well, it would be if she didn’t have to deal with a nagging New-Age Mum and a gran with alzheimers, who seem to be competing to bring the most embarrassment to Summer.

Summer has always been rebellious and, with all that’s going on in her life, her attitude towards her mother’s dumb rules and wierd behaviours aren’t likely to change soon. But she is about to find out that some dreams aren’t meant to come true.

Summer’s Story is a story of growing up – first love, family, friendship and self-belief. Summer is a very real character and teenage girls will find her easy to relate to as they watch her struggle with many situations which will be familiar. Summer’s Story is funny, compassionate and real.

Summer’s Story, by Wendy Graham
Scholastic, 2004