Survival Around the World

Top athletes spend a lot of time travelling overseas, and one of the most important things they need to focus on when away from home is maintaining good diet. Even non-athlete frequent travellers are well advised to do the same. Survival Around the World is a recipe book which makes maintaining a healthy diet just a little easier.

Put together by sports dieticians at the Australian Institute of Sport, with help from the athletes, it presents a range of healthy and nutritious recipes from around the world – from regions including the Pacific, North America, Asia, Greece and the Middle East.

Recipes are supported by nutritional analyses as well as cooking hints and a range of travelling hints from AIS athletes.

Survival Around the World is the third official cookbook from the Australian Institute of Sport, following on from the popularity of Survival for the Fittest and Survival from the Fittest. You don’t need to be an athlete or a traveller to enjoy the book – with recipes such as Thai Chicken Soup, Ham and Zucchini Risotto and Lemon Coconut Muffins, there are plenty of ideas on hand for any cook.

Survival Around the World, by Louise Burke, Greg Cox, Nikki Cummings and Ben Desbrow
Allen & Unwin, 2004