The Disappearing TV Star, by Emily Rodda

Richelle isn’t always excited when Teenpower Inc take on a new job, but when they are asked to appear in a television advertisement she thinks all her dreams are about to come true. This could be her big chance to get noticed and get her big break in show business.

But as with all of Teenpower’s jobs, nothing goes quite to plan. The star of the commercial is the rich and famous Cassandra Cass.Her over-protective mother is sure she is about to be kidnapped and when Cassandra disappears, it seems she’s right. The police are slow to react, thinking Cassandra has just run away. But Teenpower Inc can sense a mystery and they are soon on the case.

Instead of being one of best experiences of Richelle’s life, this is fast becoming the most terrifying.

The Case of the Disappearing TV Star is the third title in the Raven Hill Mysteries series, based around the exploits of the six teens known collectively as Teen Power Inc. The series first appeared in 1994 under the series title of Teen Power Inc, but is still likely to appeal to young readers – the target age is upper primary.

This series is not as gripping as Rodda’s fantasy series, but is good, solid reading which young mystery fans will enjoy.

The Disappearing TV Star, by Emily Rodda
Scholastic, 2004