The Ultimate Deltora Quiz Book, by Tamelas

King Alton of Deltora had a son. Who was this?
How do Grade One Ols always travel?
Who were Berry, Lewin and Jay?

The Deltora Quest series are amongst the most popular children’s fantasy titles in Australia and overseas. Now young fans can test their knowledge of the entire series with The Authorised Ultimate Deltora Quiz Book. With questions for each book from Deltora Quest 1 and 2 and for the first two books in Deltora Quest 3 (there are more titles still to come), as well as for the Delotora Book of Monsters and some questions which cover the whole series, there are over 1000 questions sure to test even the best-read fan. The arrangement of questions in chronological order encourages readers to reread the books or, if they’ve not yet read them, to read each book before attempting the questions.

This would make an excellent addition to a school library and, where the books are being read in class, would be fine for classroom use.

The Authorised Deltora Quiz Book, by Tamelas
Scholastic Press, 2004