3, by Grant King

Half an hour ago, as part of ‘dog procurement’ process, Caesar was weighed. He came in at a shade over seventy-five kilos Seventy-five kilos! I am only ten more than that myself! He doubled in size before my eyes at the mere thought of it.

Steven Ralph is down on his luck. He’s severely depressed and hasn’t had any work from the company he freelances for for weeks. He can’t pay the bills, has no friends and drinks himslef to oblivion on a daily basis. So he does what every person in this situation would do – he gets a dog. And not just any dog – a huge rotweiler/german shepherd cross called Caesar. He is sure having a dog will turn his life around.

Perhaps he is right. Caesar’s arrival coincides with changes in his life. First he manages to get another chance with the ad agency. Then he gets himself a flatmate. Maybe life is on the up. But when Caesar develops a taste for Steven’s girlfriends, it seems the dog may have to go. Or does he?

This is not a feel good book and not for those with delicate stomachs, but it is a cleverly-written and humorous read. The tour through the advertising industry and the streets of Brisbane is entertaining, and Steven is a strangely likeable character – the reader can understand his choices and even, almost, come to like the dog.

Truly bizarre, this is still a very readable book.

3, by Grant King
University of Queensland Press, 2004