A Tank of Trouble, by Sonya Bates

‘It’s so nice of you to take Fluffy for the school holidays,’ said Mrs Amesbury as Jessica’s Mum got out of the car. Mum bent down and looked through the glass front of the large wooden box Jesica and her teacher were carrying between them. She caught her breath and straightened up quickly.
“Not many of the parents are willing to have a full-grown bluey in their home,” continued Mrs Amesbury.

Jessica thinks that taking the school’s blue-tongue lizard – called Fluffy – home for the holidays will be exciting. But she doesn’t expect the sort of excitemnt that she gets.

Jessica’s mum insists that Fluffy must stay in her box, but her friends convince her to let her out, just for a little while. When Jessica’s pesky big brother Brett’s catches sight of Fluffy, chaos ensues. First Fluffy escapes Jessica’s bedroom, then she escapes the house. When Jessica finally gets Fluffy back, she has been injured. What will Mrs Amesbury say?

A Tank of Trouble is part of Macmillan Education’s new Breakers series. A yellow level title, it is aimed at readers with a reading age of around 10.5, and will appeal to competent readers from the age of about 8.

A Tank of Trouble is a story of responsibility, freindship and family. It is suitable for private or classroom reading.

A Tank of Trouble, by Sonya Bates
Macmillan Education, 2003