Cool for Cats, by Jessica Adams

I find myself making a list in my head of pros and cons for David, as if it will help me sort out this confusion, Instead, it makes things worse, This is the man who sewed the end of my jeans back together once, after I borrowe dhis bicycle and the denim got shredded in his bicycle chain. I was wearing flares – that’s how long ago that was. But it’s also the same man who had a serious conversation with me about how much house-keeping money I’d get from him once we were married. Just like dad all over again. Just like your worst nightmare, in fact.

Linda Tyler is working in a chinese restaurant, engaged to a bank clerk and living in a oring town when she sees the advertisment that changes her life. A new music magazine is looking for a writer. No experience need – just a passion for music and some youthfulness. Before she has time to draw breath, Linda is on her way to London to work for New Wave Weekly, her engagement with Dave is off and she’s living the life she didn’t dare to dream could be hers.

So why is she still obsessing about Dave and his new girlfriend? And why is she alone when everwhere she goes people are together?

Cool for Cats is a trip down memory lane to 1979, the year Margaret Thatcher was elected as England’s Prime Minister, Sid Vicious commited suicide, the Boom Tonw Rats sang about hating Mondays and wearing school uniforms outside of school bacame cool. Linda’s lessons in music journalism and in love are both funny and poignant, especiallyf or products of that era, who will share (or laugh at) her music addictions and the highs and lows of relationships.

Cool for Cats IS a cool book.

Cool for Cats, by Jessica Adams
Pan Macmillan, 2003, reprinted 2004