Fugitive, by Christine Harris

The man looked up at her then. For someone who was all about peace, his own face looked as though it had been in a war. One eye was a little higher than the other and there was a long scar on his right cheek. A burn maybe? He was in his thirties, she guessed.
‘You’re a kid.’
She knew that he saw a girl of medium height, with brown hair, a thick fringe over brown eyes and a smattering of freckles. Not someone to suspect.

Eleven year old Jesse Sharpe is on her second assignment as part of Operation IQ. No ordinary child, Jesse is a child prodigy trained to work under cover for C2, the secret organisation which adopted her as a baby.

Jesse must work with her partner, Liam, to track down two foreign agents and figure out what they are doing in the country. A child can go where an adult can’t, without raising suspicion.Jesse must uncover what the foreign agents are planning for a group called Peace First and its planned rally.

Fugitive is the second title in the Spy Girl series. Fast-paced and with plenty of action and mystery, it will be enjoyed by children aged 10 and up and especially gifted readers who will enjoy meeting a character with a high IQ that they can relate to. The story has dark overtones, with Jesse and her friend Jai captive and under the control of the C2 Organisation. Whilst readers will find this unsettling, it will draw them in to Jesse’s stories, welcoming the gradual unravelling that seems likely to occur throughout the series.

Fugitive is a gripping read.

Fugitive, by Christine Harris
Scholastic, 2004