Long Leg Gloption, by Ann Harth

Jackson had a gloption for itches and one for skinned knees. He had a gloption that helped with math and a gloption that made you want to eat cabbage. He even had a gloption that stopped Aunt Clara’s lipstick from sticking to your face.

Jackson is the only wizard at Deep Puddle Primary School. He makes gloptions – which are thicker and smellier than potions – for all sorts of problems. So when his friend Simon has a problem with a bully, Jackson decides to make a special gloption that will help Simon grow. Perhaps, though, using a grasshopper as the model for Simon’s new legs is not such a good idea.

Long Leg Gloption is a fun fantasy title, suitable for readers aged 8 and up. The funny story, good sized font and cartoon-style illustrations of Stephanie Cheek make it accessible and appealing for children making the transition from picture books to longer offerings.

A fun read.

Long Leg Gloption, by Ann Harth
Loranda Publishing, 2004