Thanks a Kazillion, by Nick Place

It wasn’t until Harlan had passed the Fruitfly Cafe that he felt the shiver run up his neck. Something had been gnawing away at the back of his mind for a few minutes, but he’d only just realised what it was. He couldn’t believe he’d missed it!
‘Something is gnawing away at the back of your mind? Euuuwww, yuck!’ said a strangely high-pitched voice in a completely unnecessary and outrageously exaggerated French accent.

Harlan Banana has found his sister Ainsley pretty annoying lately, but when she is kidnapped by a pair of Martians he’s not happy. No one kidnaps his sister and gets away with it. Unfortunately, he has no idea where she is or how to rescue her, until his old friends join forces to help him.

Soon Harlan, his also-sister Georgina, a talking dog named Fly, assorted Frongles, Martians and superheroes are in pursuit of Ainsley and her kidnappers. With so much collective genius it is surely just a matter of time until they have rescued her.

Thanks a Kazillion is fast paced and completely silly, with plenty of colourful and crazy characters, loads of one-liners, zany humour and far-fetched adventure.

A sequel to The Kazillion Wish, in which Harlan and Ainsley seek a big wish to make their father happy, this can still be read as a stand-alone title. Both titles also provide a subtle message about the workings of blended families.

This zany read will appeal to 10-12 year old readers.

Thanks a Kazillion, by Nick Place,
Allen & Unwin, 2004