Bird, by Annette Lodge

I once met a bird, who stared out to sea
As strange and as still as a bird could be.
I sat down beside him and asked him why.
Shortly he answered, “Because I can’t fly.”

Bird, it turns out, is afraid of the sky and afraid that his strange shape will render him unable to fly. The boy who meets him realises he can’t criticise Bird because he too has been afraid to change and to try new challenges.

It is a fish who eventually helps the pair, enticing them both in to the water. Caught up in the joy of their swim, both bird and boy realise that they can take risks and be happy.

Bird is an invigourating tale, told in whimsical rhyme and perfectly complemented by the watercolour illustrations. The pages are filled with vibrant purples, greens and oranges and with delightfully odd fish, birds and other creatures.

While the story may be aimed at older readers, children of all ages will be fascinated by the illustrations, which eclipse the story. The message of the story is, however, an important one and this would be well-suited to middle and even upper primary classrooms.


Bird, by Annette Lodge
ABC Books, 2004