Single White Email, by Jessica Adams

I must force myself to think of Dan as the Loathsome Lawyer from Leichhardt, I must. But what if he bumps into me walking out of the hairdresser’s with my new red hair, and drags me into an alley and kisses the life out of me? And says it’s all been a terrible mistake and he can’t eat, can’t sleep?
I don’t know the statistical chances of that, but they must be there somewhere. There must be a chance.

Victoria Shipworth has just had another break-up with a man who doesn’t know when he’s on to a good thing. And this one managed to break up with her at her thirtieth brithday party.

On the same day, she received a brand new computer – a birthday present from her father. So, as she tries to forget Dan and a brief fling with Liam, a guy from work, Victoria turns to the internet in her search for Mr Right.

When she strikes up an email friendship with Pierre, a single man from Paris, Victoria finds her life starting to change. But is Pierre a possible Mr Right? Is he really a man at all? And does he live in France, or somewhere a little closer to home?

An internet romance aside, Victoria’s life is getting increasingly unpredictable – her best friend has decided she’s gay, her career is out of control and she seems to have acquired a cat.

Single White E-Mail is funny, but it is also disarmingly accurate. Anyone who has ever been single will find bits of themselves in this book, and probably cringe. Victoria is a likeable character, even through her strange obsessions and her self-centredness. Her life is sad, funny and very real all at the same time.

A great read.

Single White E-Mail, by Jessica Adams
Pan, 2004 (first published, 1998)