Thambaroo, by Jane Carroll

Piner Ridge is just another town in a long line of towns for Mitch and his family. He’s learnt not make friends and not do do anything which might get him noticed. It’s much easier that way.

So why is he drawn to Thambaroo, the homestead on Sophie Turner’s family farm? And why does he keep going back there, feeding the cat, touching things that aren’t his? Mitch just can’t explain it – to himself or to anyone else. He just knows he has to go back – no matter what.

Thambaroo is about one boy’s connection with a house, a family and a sense of belonging. It is also the story of Mitch’s family, in crisis because of his father’s alcohol problem. Finally, it is a gentle story of young romance as Mitch and Sarah battle their feelings for each other.

Thambaroo is a compassionate book, suitable for ages 12-15.

Thambaroo, by Jane Carroll
Scholastic, 2003