The Lost Ship, by Paul Collins

Tammy and Dayne aren’t impressed that their parents are spending their holidays digging up the beach looking for a long lost ship. So, when they notcie a group of tourists heading off for a cave tour, they beg to be allowed to go too.

In the caves, though, strange things happen. When the children decide to hide from the tour group they find that the caves are not as boring as they first thought. They also learn a little more about the lost ship their father is searching for.

The Lost Ship is a yellow level title in Macmillan Education’s Breakers series. Young readers will enjoy the eerie elements of the story, although some may be left a little confused by the rushed ending.

Aimed at a reading age of 8.5, The Lost Ship is suitable for classroom or individual reading.

The Lost Ship, by Paul Collins
Macmillan Education, 2003