Enough is Enough! by Scott Willis and Jenna Packer

When Henry and Zoe move to a new country, Henry doesn’t know how to speak the language. Zoe has to go to work and Henry is left to entertain himself and his cat, Balthus.

When Henry and Balthus go shopping in the local market they discover a wonderful array of stalls selling delicious food – fish, fruit and vegetables, cheeses and bread. But without the right words to order what he wants, Henry finds himself with a problem. The stallkeepers don’t understand him – and he doesn’t know how to say enough! Each stallholder gives him more and more food, until Henry has more food than he can carry. What will he do with so many provisions?

Enough is Enough! is a fun book about food, friendship and cultural difference. Kids will love the solution to Henry’s problem and the array of food on offer. The cheeky Balthus the cat, who has adventures both with and apart from Henry, will also amuse youngsters.

Illustrator Jenna Packer provides detailed market scenes and manages to portray a range of ethnicities in the faces of the stallholders and of Henry’s new neighbours, who come to his rescue when the food proves to be too much for Henry to get home. The cats scattered throughout the pages will also delight.

Enough is Enough! is suitable both for private sharing sessions at home and for classroom use, where it could be used to complement several themes, including food and other cultures.

Enough is Enough!, by Scott Willis and Jenna Packer
Scholastic, 2003, this edition 2005