Let's Eat, by Ana Zamorano and Julie Vivas

There are seven people in Antonio’s family – Mama, Papa, Granny and Grandpa, brother Salvador, sister Alicia and, of course, Antonio, the youngest. Soon there will be another family member – Mama is going to have a baby any day now.

Antonio tells us about lunchtime in his house. Every day Mama calls the family to lunch. It is a noisy and happy affair as each member of the family brings their own personality to the table. When the family is at the table, Mama is happy. But this Monday, things start to change. Papa says he is too busy working to come to the table. On Tuesday, Alicia is too busy to come. On Wednesday it is Salvador who stays away. Things are different and Mama doesn’t like it. Soon, however, it is Mama who is missing from the table. When she returns, it will be with the new baby. Perhaps then she will be happy.

Let’s Eat is a delightful picture book offering, drawing on Ana Zamorana’s Spanish heritage and Julie Vivas’ superb illustrative skills. Vivas uses varying perspectives and angles to draw readers into the family meal and to prevent the lunchtime scenes becoming visually repetitive.

This would be a wonderful story for the classroom – for cultural studies, family values lessons and food-based themes. It makes an equally appealing offering for home reading and sharing.

Let’s Eat! was first published in 1996 and has been reprinted several times – a testament to its quality.

Let’s Eat!, written by Ana Zamorano, illustrated by Julie Vivas
An Omnibus Book from Scholastic Australia, 2004