How to Draw Deltora Monsters, by Marc McBride, with Emily Rodda

Emily Roda’s Deltora Quest series has been one of the most popular children’s book series in recent years. Australian children have eagerly awaited each new installment and only recently seen the ending of Lief’s quest.

A wonderful feature of all the books in the series has been the delightful cover illustrations of the talented Marc McBride. Now McBride offers young fans an insight into how the various Deltora pictures have been created, with a step-by-step guide to drawing the fantastical creatures from the series. As well as dragons, there is the fearsome knight Gorl, the gentle muddlers, the slug-like Glus, the viscious Vraal and more.

Detailed instructions for how to draw each beast begin with basic shapes which are then built on until the beast is complete and ready for colour. Variations in posture and action are suggested, along with tips to make the illustration complete. The closing pages of the book show how to create a single full colour scene.

How to Draw Deltora Monsters will delight Deltora fans, especially those already endowed with artistic talents. The detail of the original illustrations means that their recreation is not simple – even with McBride’s detailed instructions. That said, the book holds interest even for those (like this reviewer) too awed to even attempt the drawing exercises, as a fascinating look at the process of creating true masterpieces.

How to Draw Deltora Monsters, by Marc Mc Bride
Scholastic, 2004