The Big Toocool Book, by Phil Kettle

I am the greatest sportsperson in the world. I have never been beaten. I am a natural champion – especially in my own backyard.

Toocool loves sport and, in his own estimation, there is no one better than him at whichever sport he tries. With his friends, including Marcy and Spike and his dog, creatively named Dog, he spends his day playing sport – any sport will do.

There are twenty four titles in the Toocool series, covering everything from cricket and Aussie Rules to watersliding and fishing. In The Big Toocool Book four of Toocool’s most successful books are brought together in one volume.

Titles included are Soccer Superstar, Footy Hero, Rugby Great and Cricket Legend. All are full-version, making this an economic alternative to buying the four books individually, and all feature the delightful illustrations of one of Australia’s best known illustrators, Craig Smith.

Suitable for readers as young as six or seven, the subject matter will appeal to readers several years older, meaning that this might be a good offering for struggling readers in upper primary as well.

The Big Toocool Book, by Phil Kettle, illustrated by Craig Smith
Scholastic, 2005