Great White Lies, by Pamela Morrissey

“Good morning, Year 3/4,” Ari says, and pauses. “This is my news. I’m going to see my uncle in Arabia.” Emily Fatou almost vomits on the carpet.
“Ariadne, this is special news,” Mrs Baxter says and opens her eyes wide.

Ari has an unfortunate habit. She likes to impress people – and to do this, she tells lies. First she tells the class she has a horse, then that her uncle is in Arabia. But finally, when she tells them her dad is in jail, her lies are exposed. Now, she’s been branded a liar and no one will speak to her.

When Ari meets her new next door neighbour, Chloe, she has a chance to feel good about herself again. But will her classmates believe her when she tells them what Chloe does for a living?

Great White Lies is a Little Stirrers title from Limelight Press. With plenty of humour, a plot kids will relate to and at a length that will not daunt reluctant readers, this is likely to appeal to readers aged 7-9, as they make the transition from picture books and early readers to chapter books.

Great White Lies is a fun offering.

Great White Lies, by Pamela Morrissey
Limelight Press, 2005