Springboard to Learning Through Play

It seems hardly a day goes by without a new learning programme, educational toy, or multimedia product being launched, encouraging parents to spend sometimes exorbitant sums to help their child learn. It is, then, refreshing, to see parents being encouraged to help their children learn through play, with a multitude of no-cost, as well as some low-cost activities.

In Springboard to Learning Through Play, author and educator Kerrie Shanahan provides parents with an insight into how children play and, importantly, how they learn through play. She provides a wealth of suggestions to help extend children’s informal learning in the years before formal education.

There are pages of suggestions, information boxes which clearly explain how they help your child, short-cut tips and more.

Springboard to Learning would be an excellent gift for a first-time mother, but has plenty to offer all mothers, no matter how experienced.

Springboard To Learning Through Play, by Kerrie Shanahan
Ibis Publishing, 2005