The Great Brain Robbery, by Tom Scott & Trevor Grice

Illicit drug use is not a new problem for parents of teens, but it is one which seems to be constant. In spite of decades of programmes aimed at spreading the message about the dangers of drug-use, young people continue to use and abuse drugs, in the process exposing themselves to risks they seemingly refuse to believe in. The Great Brain Robberyexplores the problem of drug abuse, equipping parents and other adults with tools to understanding the problem and, possibly, to dealing with it.

In the first part of the book, The Challenge, the authors explore challenges faced by parents and teenagers and share real stories of families affected by drug use. The second section, The Danger List provides an alphabetic reference guide to the most commonly used drugs – including alcohol, marijuana and designer drugs. The third, brief section, The Hard Science explores the workings of the brain and the impact of drug use on brain function.

This is an accessible, no-nonsense guide for parents, which spells out the facts and provides plenty of case studies. It would also be an enlightening read for teenagers.

A sobering read.

The Great Brain Robbery, by Tom Scott & Trevor Grice
Allen & Unwin, 2005