101 Great Killer Creatures, by Paul Holper & Simon Torok

Which is most deadly – a lion or a flea? If you answered lion, you might be right, on a case- by-case basis. Most of us would rather meet a flea than a wild lion. But in fact, fleas have caused more human deaths than any large animal. This tiny insect is the transmitter of disease – and in the year 542, it spread the plague so widely that an estimated 40 million people died.

The flea is just one of the many dangerous animals discussed in this non-fiction offering aimed at fact-mad young readers. From the ocean to the jungle, and even back in time, 101 Great Killer Creatures explores the facts and myths that surround all kinds of animals.

The small, fairly dense text of the book is still highly readable. Authors Paul Holper and Simon Torok, both employees of the CSIRO, use a conversational style to convey information simply and with humour. The use of cartoons and anecdotes adds to its readability.

A fun read for ages 8-12.

101 Great Killer Creatures, by Paul Holper & Simon Torok
ABC Books, 2005