Dr Quark, by Nancy Walker & Lloyd Foye

In the Serengeti National Park
There lives a vet called Doctor Quark
Her waiting room is filled each week
With groans and moans and piercing shrieks,
From animals, both sick and sore,
Upon the chairs and on the floor.

Dr Quark’s waiting room has animals of all types and with a wide range of problems – from an antelope too fat to leap, to a zebra with one big white spot. As they wait impatiently to see the vet, the waiting room gets noisier and more chaotic. How will Doctor Quark choose who gets to see her first?

This cute rhyming text is filled with funny images of strange ailments – a springbok that thinks she is a sheep, an eagle that quacks, and so on – which young children will love. All are brought to life with the colourful, funny illustrations of Llyod Foye.

This a great read-aloud title.

Dr Quark, by Nancy Walker & Lloyd Foye
Koala Books, 2004