Excuses! by Karen Tayleur

My mum has this book called ‘1001 Handy Hints for Homemakers’. She got it from Dad for her last birthday. She didn’t seem too happy when he gave it to her, but it got me thinking. Kids could do with a handy hints book. What we need is a book of ‘1001 Exciting Excuses for Kids’

When David Mortimore Baxter can’t find a book of excuses for kids in his local library, he decides to write his own. When it’s finished, he realises he doesn’t have 1001 excuses, so he has to change the title. But the book is full of excuses, which David assures us are bound to come in handy.

Excuses! is the second book told through the eyes of the cheeky David Baxter. With plenty of humour and silly stories, David shares his best excuses for everything from not making your bed, to not doing your homework. He also fits in some excuses that adults use, like pretending not to see someone they’ve been trying to avoid.

Suitable for readers aged 8-12, this is a fun offering and, whilst it is a sequel to Liar! stands comfortably on its own.

Excuses! Survive and Succeed With David Mortimore Baxter, by Karen Tayleur
Black Dog Books, 2004