Little Lunch Three, by Danny Katz

When Mrs Gonsha bakes a pavlova for her class, to celebrate Max and Elsa’s birthday, the children are excited – until they sneak a taste of the pavlova while Mrs Gonsha isn’t looking. It tastes terrible – and when Mrs Gonsha comes back, she’ll expect them to eat it.

Under the Tree Near the oval is one of three funny stories in Little Lunch Three The second story, The Lost and Found Box tells the story of what Attcius Busby finds in the lost and found box when he loses his glasses, whilst the final story, The Bubblers recounts a joke-telling session at the water bubblers.

Each story takes place at recess (or little lunch) time and so is fast-moving, slice-of-life stuff, with plenty of kid-level laughs. The text is easy to read, with comic-style drawings on every page, both to support the text and to provide extra humour.

Little Lunch Three, by Danny Katz, illustrated by Mitch Vane
Black Dog Books, 2003