Manners! by Karen Tayleur

My mum always calls them the ‘unwritten laws’ – the unwritten laws of good manners. You could probably break these laws and never end up in jail. But if you do break them you might find yourself without any friends.

First, David Mortimore Baxter learnt the importance of always telling the truth. Then he learnt about using excuses to get out of, and keep out of, trouble. Now, it seems, he’s intent on spreading the message about manners.

In Manners! David (the first person creation of author Karen Tayleur) explains good manners in all sorts of situations – from mealtime to movie time, both at home and away.

As with earlier titles in this series, this one is full of humour and will appeal to readers in a wide age group – from 7 to 12 and possibly beyond. David Baxter is a quirky, blunt character who tells it as he sees it with hilarious impact.


Manners! Staying Out Of Trouble With David Mortimore Baxter
Black Dog Books, 2005