Promises! by Karen Tayleur

When our class captain announced he was leaving, you couldn’t wipe the smile off Rose Thornton’s face.
“Things are sure going to change around here when I’m class captain,” she threatened.

When no one else will run against Rose Thornton in the election of a new class captain, David finds himself up for election. But Rose is desperate to win and is using every trick she can think of. If David wants to beat her he’s going to have to make some promises, even ones that he probably won’t keep.

Promises! is the sixth title in the David Mortimore Baxter series, and, like its predecessors, is sure to appeal to readers aged 8 to 12. David’s first person narration is honest (even about lying) and funny and the stories are ones which kids will relate to, even while exaggerated for humorous effect.

Whilst each book in the series builds on the others, they are also self contained and so accessible to readers who haven’t read the whole series.

Lots of fun.

Promises! Vote 1 David Mortimore Baxter, by Karen Tayleur
Black Dog Books, 2005