The Truth! by Karen Tayleur

So here’s the thing. I didn’t want to go to Rose Thornton’s house for dinner so I pretended to be sick. But I wasn’t sick. And Mum found out. Now Mum’s so mad with me that she’s thought up the worst punishment ever. One more lie and Boris is going to the pet shelter. So that’s it. I’m turning over a new leaf.

David’s lies have landed him in trouble plenty of times – but never as much trouble as he’s in now. When his Mum discovers his latest lies, she threatens to take his dog away the next time he lies. David has to change his lying ways – quickly.

Soon, however, David realises that telling the truth can land him in as much trouble as telling lies. Sometimes, it seems, people don’t want to hear the truth.

The Truth! is the funny third instalment in the David Mortimore Baxter series. As with the first two books – Liar! and Excuses!, David finds himself in and out of trouble as he navigates the art of story telling and the world of friendships and family. Kids will love this very real character.

The Truth! David Mortimore Baxter Comes Clean, by Karen Tayleur
Black Dog Books, 2004